From the logbook of Balden, Steward of Stonefang Keep.

After my father’s untimely death, Thane Harvak has seen fit to appoint me as his replacement as Steward. I am quite honoured, and will endeavor to do my father proud, in Moradin’s name.

The stores are in shambles after the riotous behaviour of the last week. Thankfully, we’ve been able to leave that mess be, while we focus on sorting and cataloguing the Council supplies. With the exception of some missing healing potions and food eaten along the way, the supplies match the manifest sent by the Council Steward.

Our guests are recovering and resting. At first I was worried that the rituals had damaged them somehow when both Longblade and Turkey Leg started claiming that Tattoo would arrive soon by means of a flying head, but Runner backs up their claims. I’ve seen and heard more than enough of their claims come true to doubt them now.

The guardsmen reported today that they’ve cleared out the tunnel that the Umber Hulk dug. Halfway through, they found that spider-eel’s corpse. Apparently it had been beaten to death by Trogs. The guardsmen confirmed our suspicions that the tunnel leads to the old Karak Mine! The Mine looked like it had spent the past decades infested with Trogs, but most of those were killed last week. The guardsmen were able to kill or chase off the stragglers, and set to work sealing the other entrances to the Mine to keep them from coming back.

With the Council supplies catalogued, we’ve starting work on accounting for and organizing our existing supplies. Next week, I’ll ask the Thane for permission to start rebuilding the forge and fixing up the old smelting furnace. With such a fast route to the Mine, we need to get ready to start refining the ores we haul up.

Turkey Leg seems to have decided he’s a musician! I guess warrior, boar rider, diplomat and merchant weren’t enough jobs for one halfling. No sign of any flying head.

Thane Harvak agreed with my advice to accept Misha’an’s offer. He’s authorized a full work party to get started down in the Mine right away.


Nice Ryan!!!


Great job Ryan. Turkey Leg = gold. Runner = tron soundtrack.


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