Finding the Taint

Posted around the city, and read aloud by several heralds:

Good citizens of Overlook,

The Foul water plaguing our great city is fading, thanks to the heroic efforts of men who only recently came to our valley. Seeking only to help the people of the Schoff, these warriors answered the call of Lead Councillor Misha’an, to seek out the source of the mountain water taint. In the mountains, they found that a hideous dark dragon had taken up residence, and was preparing to terrorize the whole valley.
“The dragon was as dangerous as a Silver Lake Trout is tasty”, said resplendent and noble Salopard de la Sanglier.
Fearing neither pain nor death, the noble few tracked the black beast to its lair. Fighting off waves of the dragon’s minions, and letting none escape alive, they found the dragon in its nest.
“Then I killed it……..with a sword”, said the intensely staring feline warrior, Tor.

Rejoice citizens, for this dangerous threat to our peaceful valley is at an end. In homage to those who died fighting the great blue dragon, these heroes are said to be making capes from the very hide of the slain dragon. In honour of this most honourable action, the Council has declared that the Council Guard will wear black capes from this day forward.

The dragon’s head can be seen on display at the Council headquarters.


Great work, Ryan.

Lads I think we just found our advertising slogan:

Trout of the Greenless Rainbow as tasty as a dragon is dangerous!

Finding the Taint

“….with a sword!”

Finding the Taint

:) My attempt to express Tor’s 8 Charisma.

Finding the Taint


Finding the Taint

“Council has declared that the Council Guard will wear black capes from this day forward.”


Finding the Taint

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