Taking the bulls by the horns

a.k.a. "Getting A Head in Life"


Posted around Overlook, and read aloud by several heralds:

Once again, we citizens of Overlook owe a great debt to the band of heroes who came to us from over the Western mountains. Seeking nothing but the resumption of valuable trade, which benefits us all, they sought out and killed a band of filthy minotaurs that had been responsible for murdering many caravan members along the Upper trade road.

Please note that the scheduled demolition of the Temple of Radiant Morn has been canceled, following the crushing of it by the Head in the Clouds. Bolios Whittish, who oversees the flying headquarters of our blackcloaked heroes, asks that citizens stay clear of the Head while he is not inside. “The head gets hungry, and might eat you faster than I eat good Silver Lake trout, if I’m not there to control it”


Nice job again!

Taking the bulls by the horns

P.S. We should all watch Zardoz again. I remember renting this but have 0 memory of the movie…it sounds retardedy bad.

Taking the bulls by the horns

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