The Vivid Dream


A lot has transpired since I last made an entry. After emerging from the caves we found ourselves in the courtyard of the keep as battle raged around us. Fighting for our lives, we made our way to the top of the walls and held our position so the council’s men could retreat. While we were there, we sabotaged the fortifications, as word of a strike the next morning was circulating among the soldiers. This proved to be a turning point for our assault on the keep the following morning, as our work turned the tide of battle in favour before our first man crested the battlements. Victory is tainted with sadness though, as our companion Joral is still missing. Etoila is optimistic we will find him inside the keep, but knowing what it took to get out, I have little faith in finding our friend alive again.

Finally, there is another thing that bears recording. Etoella, Tor and I have all experienced the same dream, but our recollections are as vivid as if we each lived it.

We awoke on a cold stone floor; unsure of where we were or how we got there and why we seemed to be glowing with a faint green energy. To add to our confusion, my face bore the telltale marks of an uknown fight, while Tor and Etoella were inexplicably covered in filth.

Without the Paladin Salopard present to reprimand me, I found my eyes wandering to Etoella as she shed her filthy equipment. It was naïve of her to think Tor or I wouldn’t notice her impossibly ample chest in such an undergarment after so many months on the road (for those not present, Steve actually crit’d his dice check on how impressive they were). But with a little wink in our direction I’m left wondering if I am the one who is naïve. If this is a subtle way to gain our loyalty, it appears as though it has worked. Torr leers at her blatantly and incessantly now, and even though I am no master of how a Shifter thinks, I can see his is bonded to her.

We began to make our way from room to room, trying to unravel the mystery of our whereabouts, and soon found ourselves in combat with a group of Gnolls who fell quickly to an onslaught of arrows and the greatsword and broadsword wielded by my companions. Pressing on, we came upon another group of Gnolls who were to meet the same fate. Tor pushed forward taking the fight to the leader with an incredible jumping manoeuvre, while I did my part and loosed as many arrows as I could as Etoella covered my flank. Tor’s aggression led him to be completely encircled by a Gnoll and Hyenas, but with a carefully placed arrow shot, I dropped the leader of the group, giving him an opening to take the fight to the hyenas as we Etoella finished off the last of the Gnolls. After a short rest we moved on and yet again came upon a grouping of foul smelling Gnolls. This group proved to be much hardier and resourceful than the prvious groups, making them a fine challenge. However, as we began to overcome them a hiding Gnell floated out of a pool of water in the room and attacked. It forced us to scramble around the battlefield and use healing powers we didn’t know we had, as Tor and Etoella both bravely fought off the beast. Finally, with a mighty swing and an oath to Bahamut on his lips, Torr felled the Gnell with a savage blow. The Gnell began to pulsate with Green energy even as we lost our own green hue. Things became hazy, and all I remmeber bfore blacking out was Tor reaching for a longsword with a drogon hilt that was floating against a far wall, and which pulsated with the same green energy as the Gnell.


And now I am back here, on the castle battlements, ready to push forward into the keep with all our companions. I relayed my bizzarre experience to the others and that is when I discovered that Tor and Etoella experienced the same events I did. When we return to camp, I’ll be sure to try and find someone who can explain this.



  • 2 potions of healing (one each to Torr and Therren)
  • 1 Onyx Falcon (250gp)
  • 400gp
  • Bracers of Defense (given to Torr)

SUCCESS/FAIL h4. Critical Fails
  • DM against Torr: 3
  • DM against Therren: 1
  • Therren: 3
  • Torr: 1

Critical Hits
  • DM against Torr: 1
  • DM against Therren: 1
  • Etoella: 1
  • Torr: 2

The Vivid Dream

Sounds like a lot of fun guys. Great journal entry Nick.

Steve did you add those to the achievement page?

The Vivid Dream

Also of note, Torr used the potion of healing he had from the booty.

The Vivid Dream

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