The Hound


The Hound never knew his real name. His first memories are of being kicked by an older boy, who called him a dog and stole his food. For years, he wandered the streets surviving off what food nice people would give him, and was then lucky enough to have been sheltered and fed at the local temple of Bahamut until he turned sixteen. It was then that the priest of Bahamut was murdered, and the temple closed. The boy, or ‘Rex’ as the old priest had called him, spent two years tracking the priest’s killer. When he found him, he brought evidence to the local guards and asked them to arrest the man. The guards, it seems, were bribed by the man, and instead beat Rex and imprisoned him falsely as a thief. When he was released, he was taken in by a man he’d met in prison. Unfortunately, the man blackmailed him and threatened to have him sent back to prison if he didn’t commit crimes for him. And thus began his life of crime….

At least that’s the story he’ll tell you. In reality:
Tom Mastiff was born third son of a wealthy merchant family. He grew up spoiled and stupid, and took delight in torturing the neighbourhood cats and making inappropriate advances towards his cousins. When a fire he accidentally started killed his parents and siblings, he inherited a fortune. He quickly lost it all gambling, buying his cousins inappropriate gifts, and purchasing bulk orders of kittens. Within a few months, he was broke and homeless. And thus began his life of crime….


The Hound

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