Therren Hardwood

Greatbow-wielding Elven Ranger


Therren’s story begins as a young elf, eager to accompany his father in his adventuring for the first time. Wide eyed at the world around him, Therren soaked up as much as he could on this voyage through foreign lands, learning from the tribe members who accompanied his father. Therren proved to be a natural study, and the hunters were pleased to teach the promising youngster the ways of the forest, and the elves’ prized skill with the bow.

In the fifth month of their voyage, grave misfortune fell on the tribe. In the dark of night, their camp was ambushed by bandits. Therren was told to seek refuge in the trees by his father, which saved his life, but at a high cost. Peering from between the branches, Therren watched as the leader of the ambushing bandits, a man they called “The Blackhand”, shot his father through the heart. Therren shed many a tear that night, but made nary a sound.

In the morning, Therren climbed down from his refuge to bury his father. Vowing revenge on the bandits, he took up his father’s longbow, which was much too large for him, and took the wicked red and black feathered arrow from his father’s breast, making a solemn oath that he’d use the very same arrow to kill his father’s murderer.

But as much knowledge as Therren had gained in his few months travelling, he still had much to learn. With no idea where he was, how to get back home, and only rudimentary tracking skills to aid him, Therren became hopelessly lost and had to abandon his vengeance in order to simply survive. But some elves are born survivors. The years passed and Therren became more hardened and skillful while living in the forest. After displaying tremendous skill with his father’s longbow as a youngster, which was oversized for a young elf, he never went back, instead crafting himself an equally oversized greatbow as he became an adult. Life was hard, but Therren continued to wander and survive.

Finally, at the age of 20, Therren found himself in the woods, a three days north of the town of Staret Fysh, and happened upon a sleeping Halfling at a secluded mountain lake. In dire need of equipment, he tried to barter with the Halfling, who suprisingly took an interest in Therren. Together they struck up a curious bargain. The Halfling, who was in the employ of a local noble, would bring the elf food and equipment. In return, Therren would hunt and provide the halfling with the pelts, talons and teeth of vicious beasts to support the Halfing Salopard’s claims of heroic deeds.

When Salopard returned one day and asked Therren to join an adventuring party to protect his noble’s daughter, Therren realized this was an opportunity he must take. Regardless of having to fight alongside the Halfling charlatan, he’d no longer have to focus on simply surviving, and with a noble-born alongside him, his chances of having the influence and means to discover the whereabouts of his father’s killer were vastly improved. The pulse of vengeance fresh in his veins again, Therren accepted Salopard’s offer.

Therren Hardwood

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