Black Cloak Trading Co. Assets

Location: Moveable
Cost: None
Associated NPC’s:
Bilious: Head Navigator
The Hound: Security

Silver Lake Fisheries
Location: Silver Lake
Cost: 200 GP to hire Gimmal/build facility/get operations underway
Associated NPC’s:
Gimmal: Overseer
Etoella: Fishmonger
Indentured Servant #1
Indentured Servant #2

Black Cloak Winery
Location: Outskirts of Overlook
Cost: 200 GP to get operations underway.
Associated NPC’s:
Wendel: Sommellier, Potions Master & Astute businessman.

Other Business Assets
Caligula the Boar
Silver lake fish trade agreement with the Dwarves of Stonefang Pass
Council approval to set up booth in market area of Overlook to sell fish etc.
Knowledge of location of large amounts of Widowsbane outside of Silver Lake
Knowledge of location of premium Widowsbane in the Feywild
Construction materials recovered from trade route (nails)

Black Cloak Trading Co. Assets

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