In a cave that only those blessed by the Gods can enter, a strange tablet was discovered. When touched, it presented the following vision:

You are enveloped in darkness, but in the distance you can hear a deep drum beat. The sound shakes your very soul, making you feel filthy as it resonates. If you had a body, you feel as though you would be vomiting your guts out.
Suddenly, everything changes, and the drumbeat ceases as you are flying over a green, forested land. You recognize the sky as being of the Feywild, but none of you recognize where you are. You see a ridge of dark stone in the distance, and from behind it you can see strands of arcane and divine power that stretch to the sky before disappearing beyond your sight. As you fly closer to the ridge, the drum beat begins to sound from beyond the ridge, and with each beat the strands of power grow dimmer.

After the vision, you knew that these strands of power were some kind of ward, and that something is draining the power of these wards.

The tablet is 3 or 4 hands high, and half as wide. It is covered with an unknown script, punctuated by pictographs. The most prominent are three stars that appear close together near the bottom: seven, eight and nine-pointed respectively.

Surrounding the Tablet were several smaller stone tablets that tell a vague story of how the Gods either imprisoning or hiding something very powerful in a valley, and warded it very effectively.


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