The Council

Originally formed by the rulers of the Schof Valley, the Council outlasted the line that created it and is now the government of the Valley.

Councils are formed for three years, and each town and village choses their Councillor in their own manner. Typically, while they can be referred to as ‘Councillor’, most members of the Council prefer to be addressed by the title given to them by those that chose them. Once assembled, the Councillors choose one to be the Lead Councillor (commonly referred to by the honorific ‘Lead’, such as ‘Lead Brunkly) to preside over Council meetings.

Before the coming of the Blue Dragon, Councillors tended to be village elders, wise and learned men and women. Since the forming of the first Council army, many warriors have been chosen for the council, and often they have served as leaders in the army.

The current Lead Council is the human Lord Brunkly, who revealed himself to be a natural leader during the Blue Dragon crisis, and he has since lead many of the The Vervarin campaigns.

Other Councillors include:
  • Protector Mishan. She is a warrior and scholar of the Schof Dragonborn.
  • Honoured Tharfal. He gained much status in his ability to organize the Dwarven miners and smiths to produce the arms needed to supply the council’s soldiers.
  • Chosen Thinia. She is a wise Elf that has been on the Council longer than any other.

The Council

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