The Vervarin

Several generations ago, an honour dispute caused a small town of dragonborn in the eastern Gowdai to split into two feuding clans. The weaker clan was eventually driven out, and was forced to wander the mountains in search of a new home to settle. Many died of starvation, but the clan was saved from destruction when they were found by a nomadic band of goliaths. The goliaths had recently battled a tribe of humans that had ambushed them, and both sides had been badly bloodied. The goliaths fed and sheltered the dragonborn, in exchange for a promise to help the goliaths deal with the humans. Rather than cause more death, the dragonborn leaders instead acted as peacemakers between the humans and goliaths, brokering a temporary truce.

Later the same year, a large band of goblins and orcs moved into the area. Together, the humans, goliaths and dragonborn fought the greenskins and were successful in driving them off. In the fighting, the human leader Vervar showed himself to be the greatest warrior of the three groups. He took advantage of the temporary unity, getting all the leaders to agree to a permanent joining of the goliath band, the human tribe, and the dragonborn outcasts, into one powerful nomadic people.

This group, now calling themselves the Vervarin, wandered the Gowdai for generations. They are very accomplished warriors, hunters and trackers. Three years ago, they discovered the Schof Valley. Since then, they have clashed repeatedly with The Council’s warriors.

The Vervarin are currently under the leadership of Kag, a goliath who they refer to as Chieftan. Kag’s brother, Kog, holds the title of Tracker.

The Vervarin

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