Tor Wish List

Pumped up Fullblade. Preferably with the ability to level and that can act as an avenger’s holy symbol.
anything that increases my speed.

Empty Slots:

  • Hands
  • Holy Symbol
  • Rings


  • Innescapable Fullblade lvl 13 This weapon grows increasingly eager to strike those you have trouble hitting
  • Vigilant Blade (Full Blade) lvl 14 (can be used as an avenger implement, casts light, can switch
  • Weapon of Oaths fulfilled (Full Blade lvl 14 (can be used as an Avenger Implement, gives bonuses if I kill my oath of enmity target)
  • Blade of Bahamut (normally starts at lvl 19 but you could totally reduce it) (can be used as an implement if you worship bahamut. I thought this was what I was carrying around but couldn’t use it yet. has a daily blast power based on charisma that hurts enemies and heals allies)


  • Bloodthread Armour lvl 10
  • Radiant Temple Uniform lvl 12 This muted gray uniform protects you from watchful eyes and lets you skillfully slip past your foes in combat.
  • Sanguine Vestments lvl 13 +1 defences when oath of enmity target is bloodied.
  • Battle Harness lvl 9


  • Scale of Bahamut lvl 8 (daily: when hit with implement give bonus to defenses to your allies)
  • Symbol of Daring lvl 5 When you wield this symbol, your allies are inspired to strike boldly
  • Symbol of Scorned Fate lvl 5 This symbol, shaped like a double-headed coin, lets you elude fate for a split second.
  • Symbol of Battle lvl 5 This holy symbol is favored by battle clerics and warpriests.
  • Symbol of Divinity lvl 7 This holy symbol gathers the power of your divine attacks, allowing you to rechannel that might.
  • Symbol of Courage lvl 9 You draw strength from your pious devotion, which allows you to stand fast in the face of any terror.

none currently


  • Boots of Rapid Motion lvl 5 With these polished leather boots, you are hard to slow down
  • Sandals of Precise Stepping lvl 6 Your steps become softer and more precise in this soft leather and cloth mesh footgear.
  • Ghostride Boots lvl 6 These tattered gray boots have a haunting aspect, granting you the elusiveness of a ghost when you need it.
  • Boots of the Fencing Master lvl 7 Your swift step befuddles your foes.
  • Boots of Quickness lvl 8 This supple leather footwear keeps you out of harm’s way.
  • Boots of Striding lvl 9 These enchanted boots increase your speed if you wear light armor or no armor
  • Boots of Sand and Sea lvl 10 These wax-coated coverings help you glide over the earth when you are lightly encumbered, and might save you when the current runs deep.
  • Boots of the Mighty Charge lvl 10 Your footsteps thunder as you charge in these boots, making bounds of steps and allowing you to deliver a mighty blow.


  • Climbing Claws lvl 4 Sharp claws magically unfold from the palms of these padded leather gloves
  • Gloves of Agility lvl 5 As you strap on these tight-fitting, fingerless gloves, your digits tingle with magic.
  • Gauntlets of Brilliance lvl 10 With a thought, you cause these gold-burnished gauntlets to illuminate.
  • Strikebacks lvl 10 Backed with spikes, these vicious gauntlets hurt those who hurt you


  • Belt of Vim lvl 8 +1 Fortitude Defence
  • Dynamic Belt lvl 9 This intricately woven mesh belt improves your acrobatics and athletics skills.
  • Belt of Blood lvl 10 This bloodstained belt helps you recover from serious injuries.
  • Diamond Cincture lvl 10
  • Baldric of Time lvl 16


  • Seal of the Lawbringer. Paragon Level. It’s unique and awesome.

Tor Wish List

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